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​​#1  PRICE IT CORRECTLY FROM THE START:  Often times a Seller will decide to list their

10 Tips For Selling Your Home

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​​home on the higher end, and then lower the price when it fails to sell.   Not only does this result in a "slower" sale, but may lead to a "lower" sale.   By pricing your home too high, Buyers and Agents may think you are not a serious Seller, or that you will be unwilling to negotiate.  The first 30 days of your listing is a critical time period.  If you do not see any activity, or very minimal activity, during this timeframe, reconsider you asking price. 

#2  UPDATE THE INTERIOR:  While doing extensive rehab may be cost prohibitive, and you may not see a full return on that investment, consider a fresh coat of paint (neutral colors are best), and a professional carpet cleaning.  These two inexpensive improvements can make a world of difference.  Other minimal interior improvements include:  cleaning the grout on all your tiled areas, changing out dated cabinetry hardware, replacing worn or torn window/door screens, and cleaning windows.   

#3  DON'T FORGET ABOUT THAT CURB APPEAL:   Curb appeal is everything!  The exterior of your home is the first thing Buyers will see....and we all know first impressions are everything.  I've had Buyers who upon driving up to the home, declined to tour the interior because the outside was in major distress.  Consider power washing the exterior & planting or sprucing up flower beds.  Paint the front door or replace the mailbox if needed.  Keep the yard clear of debris and the landscaping maintained.  

#4  DE-CLUTTER & DE-PERSONALIZE:  This is the second most important thing after pricing!  Everybody loves decor, but not everybody has the same taste.  That shelf of snow globes you have been collecting for years may be a prize possession to you, but to a Buyer.....it just looks like clutter.  Same goes for that wall/table spilling over with family photos and memorabilia.  Buyers need to envision themselves living in the space, and it's quite difficult to do if it's engulfed in your personal belongings.  Box up and store away items that aren't used frequently.  Try to think from a minimalist perspective - less is more!

#5  THE CUJO EFFECT:  While we all love our pets as if they were are children - they can be a hinderance in the selling process.  When a Buyer comes to tour your home, they have never met your pet before, they may not have had much interaction with animals, or may even be allergic.   When a showing is scheduled, do your best to remove your pet during the showing.  Buyers will shorten their visit in your home if they are uncomfortable by Fido's presence.  Additionally, be sure to vacuum and deodorize often, and take a lint brush to any/all pieces of furniture your pet may hang out on. 

#6  MAKE YOUR HOME EASY TO SHOW:  Buyers can be spontaneous, and want see your home with very little notice.  Be ready for prospective visitors early in the morning, in the evening, and on weekends.  Sometimes a showing can seem inconvenient, but remember, you may never get that Buyer to reschedule - and they could be the one!  It is also wise to leave your home during a showing.   Potential Buyers need to feel comfortable to explore the property, and discuss the pros & cons of the home amongst each other while previewing.  They will not feel comfortable doing so in the Seller's presence. 

#7   CLEAN & STAGE:  Before you list, it may be a good idea to hire a professional cleaning service to do a deep clean.  Not only will your home sparkle in the photos, but a well cleaned home will always impress potential Buyers.  Be sure to keep things tidy for the duration of your listing.  This includes avoiding a sink with dirty dishes, beauty/personal product on the counters, and even the smallest pile of laundry or shoes hanging about.   In regards to staging - you may have an odd room, nook, or alcove that does not seem to have an obvious role in the home.  Try and give that area a purpose!  For example:  functional office, bar area, pantry, reading area, etc.  Make you home feel inviting and functional. 

#8  BRIGHT & CHEERY:  Lighting is everything!  Natural lighting does wonders.  Be sure to leave your blinds up/open when expecting a showing.   It is also best to have all the interior lights already on for your guests, if possible.  A bright and cheery home..... is a home that gets OFFERS! 

#9  KNOW BEFORE YOU SHOW:  Spending money on a home inspection before you list may not seem appealing, but you sure will be glad that you did!  There may be items that you are unaware of that could greatly affect your property value or be deal killers.  Once you go under contract, the Buyer will perform their home inspection, and there could be several issues noted by a licensed inspector.  Issues you may have overlooked.  This could lead to the Buyer requesting a large monetary credit.  When you're close to closing, the pressure builds to get to the finish line.  This can lead you to hard negotiations on repair issues.  The Buyer may request that you fix these items before closing - ultimately delaying your closing.  Many times, these repairs can be simple fixes that can be taken care well before the Buyer even previews your home.  It is best to be proactive, instead of reactive.

#10  LEAVE IT TO THE PROFESSIONALS:   Attempting to sell your home without an agent (FSBO) may seem like a good idea at first - you save big by not having to pay commission, right?  Let's break it down.....

  • Do you know the real estate market well?  Can you price your home correctly?  You may be leaving money on the table if you price your home too low.  Your home may sit on the market for a painstakingly long time if you price it too high.  Do you know what Buyers are really looking for?  An agent has their pulse on the market.  They know what's in demand.  They can offer advice on how to make small improvements that will entice a Buyer to preview your home & get offers. 
  • Do you have a portfolio of Buyers looking for a home like yours?   Probably not - but your listing agent sure does! So do many other real estate agents in the area.  However, chances are they may not be putting your listing in front of their clients, because there are plenty of other homes that match their criteria & offer a commission.
  • How flexible is your schedule?  Can you leave work at random times throughout the day every time a Buyer calls to preview your home?  Can you immediately take all of those calls when a potential Buyer is calling?  Can you take advantage of every opportunity to market your home to the fullest extent?  Do you have a professional (highly visible) marketing plan ready to expedite?  Chances are you've answered "NO" to many, if not all, of the questions above.  For most professional agents, this is their full time job, and the answer to those questions is always "YES"!
  • Can you detach yourself from the emotional aspect of selling your home?  That's a difficult one for even the most business savy Seller.  Having a listing agent keeps you one step removed, ensuring emotions don't lead to mistakes such as;  refusing to counter a low offer because you may feel insulted,  or conveying a sense of desperation or eagerness if you want to sell within a particular timeframe.  It's unlikely that potential Buyers will not offer their opinion on the "negatives" of your home.  Leaving you with zero feedback.  If your home is not selling, how do you know if it's because of the price? the condition?  A listing agent can easily gather all of the feedback (good or bad) from potential buyers and the showing agents.
  • Do you have extensive sales experience?  Even if you have sales experience, do you have experience in this specialized field?  If you don't, you're at risk of leaving money on the table during negotiations.  Agents know the local market conditions.  They're familiar with the recent comparables sales.  They understand the pulse of the market, what terms are worth fighting for, how to present "your side", and how to interpret the correspondence coming from the "other side".  An agent is a master at eliminating/diffusing emotionally charged responses, and making the process as stress free as possible.

 A qualified agent brings levels of expertise to a very complex transaction (maximum marketing exposure, honed negotiation skills, the dedication & time needed to sell a home, understands the ramifications of proper disclosures, and so much more.  Ask yourself....how much are your really saving by attempting to sell your home on your own???​